Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Disease Control Area

Establishment Of Livestock Disease Control Area -- Entry Into Area -- Compulsory Inspection

81-2-301. Establishment of livestock disease control area -- entry into area -- compulsory inspection. (1) Upon receipt of a petition signed by not less than 75% of the livestock owners of the species of animals to be inspected, tested, treated, or vaccinated, representing not less than 50% of such species in any school district, as determined from the permanent records of the board of county commissioners describing school district boundaries of any county in the state of Montana, petitioning for the area control, treatment, prevention, or eradication of any dangerous disease of livestock within such school district, the board may establish such school district as a disease control area and may enforce the inspection, test, treatment, or vaccination of all livestock of the species designated within such school district in accordance with the rules promulgated by the department for the inspection, eradication, treatment, or vaccination of such livestock and may reimburse the owners of livestock slaughtered by order of the department or its authorized agent in accordance with the laws of Montana governing the payment of such animal or animals.

(2) In any circumscribed disease control area as established under this section by the department, no other livestock of the species designated by the department to be inspected, tested, treated, or vaccinated may enter the disease control area unless inspected, tested, treated, or vaccinated under the direction of the department or accompanied by a satisfactory health certificate or except under special permit and restrictions provided by the department.

(3) When 75% or more of the school districts in any county in Montana are established under this section by the department as disease control areas, it becomes mandatory on the part of the remaining livestock owners in such county to submit their livestock of one or more species for inspection, test, treatment, or vaccination, as directed by the department.

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