Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Recording of Marks and Brands

Fees For Department -- Deposit Requirements

81-3-107. Fees for department -- deposit requirements. (1) The department shall establish, charge, and collect a fee for recording a new mark or brand, for recording a mark or brand transfer, or for rerecording a mark or brand. The department shall establish and charge a fee for providing a certified copy of a record and a duplicate certificate. The department may upon request research mark or brand histories and may charge a fee of up to $50 for each mark or brand, based on time involved in research. All fees collected must be paid into the state special revenue fund for the use of the department. However, not more than 10% of the net rerecording fees after all expenses of rerecording are paid may be expended in any 1 year except in case of an emergency declared by the governor or the board.

(2) Money collected as fees under subsection (1) is subject to the deposit requirements of 17-6-105(6) unless the department has submitted and received approval for a modified deposit schedule pursuant to 17-6-105(8).

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