Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 6. Estrays

Taking Up And Disposition Of Estrays -- Advertisement

81-4-603. Taking up and disposition of estrays -- advertisement. (1) A stock inspector authorized by the department shall take into possession an estray found in the stock inspector's district and, except as provided in 81-2-120, shall either:

(a) ship or arrange for the shipment of the estray to a licensed livestock market for sale; or

(b) hold the estray and care for the estray in the cheapest and most practicable manner for at least 10 days and not more than 30 days after public notice is published as provided in subsection (2). During the holding period, the stock inspector shall advertise that the estray is being held and that unless the estray is claimed by the owner, the stock inspector will on a date specified in the notice sell the estray at a public auction to the highest bidder for cash.

(2) The notice must be published in the newspaper doing the county printing of the county in which the estray is found and on the department's website and in each livestock market brand office and county sheriff's office in the state. This notice must be published in the newspaper at least one time and must contain a statement of the date of the sale, the place where the sale is to be held, and a general description of the estray, including the sex and the approximate age, together with an illustration of the brand and the position of the brand on the estray and a description of the place or locality where the estray was found or taken.

(3) Except as provided in 81-2-120, the proceeds from the sale must be disposed of under 81-4-605 and 81-4-606.

(4) The owner of the estray may appear and claim it at any time before the sale or shipment, as provided in this part, upon payment to the department of the cost of caring for the estray as determined by the department.

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