Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 1. Predatory Animal Control

Predator Control Money -- Use Of Proceeds

81-7-104. Predator control money -- use of proceeds. (1) In addition to the transfer provided for in 15-24-925, the department shall allocate a portion of the money from the fee under 15-24-921 for the purpose of protecting livestock in the state against destruction, depredation, and injury by predatory animals, whether the livestock is on lands in private ownership, in the ownership of the state, or in the ownership of the United States, including open ranges and all lands in or of the public domain. This protection may be by any means of effective predatory animal destruction and control, including systematic hunting and trapping and payment of bounties.

(2) Money may be paid out only on claims presented to the department and approved by the department in accordance with the law applicable either to claims for bounties or for other expenditures for predatory animal control by methods other than payment of bounties, as determined by the department. Money designated for predator control must be available for the payment of bounty claims and for expenditures for planned, seasonal, or other campaigns directed or operated by the department in cooperation with other agencies for the systematic destruction and control of predatory animals, as determined by the department and its advisory committee. Claims may not be approved in excess of money available for that purpose, and warrants may not be registered against the money.

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