Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 1. Predatory Animal Control

Fee For Purpose Of Paying Bounty Claims -- Limitation On Fee

81-7-118. Fee for purpose of paying bounty claims -- limitation on fee. The department of revenue shall annually prescribe the fee recommended by the department to be assessed against livestock of all classes for paying for the destruction of predatory animals killed in this state. The money received must be used only for the payment of claims approved by the department for the destruction of predatory animals and for the administration of 81-7-111 through 81-7-118 and 81-7-120 through 81-7-122. The money received for the fees imposed must be sent annually to the department of revenue by the county treasurer of each county. When the money is received by the department of revenue, it must be placed in the state special revenue fund and may then be paid out on claims approved under the law governing the payment of claims.

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