Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Eggs

Certificate Of Candling Or Packing

81-20-204. Certificate of candling or packing. A person buying eggs for resale at retail, except persons or firms who do not buy and sell more than 25 cases of eggs per month, shall candle all eggs offered to the person that have not been candled under supervision of a licensed egg grader and shall refuse to buy eggs unfit for human food as defined in 81-20-205. Rejects must be returned to the producer, if possible, or, if requested, the candling must be done in the presence of the producer. A certificate must be placed in or on every case of eggs, if candled and graded, in a manner that permits its easy reading and must state the exact grade and size, the date of candling or other date approved by the department, and the name and address of the packer. If the eggs are not candled or graded, the certificate should state "not candled or graded", the name of the dealer, and when packed. The certificate must be printed in letters large enough to be easily read.

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