Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Coal and Uranium Mine Reclamation

Receipts Paid Into General Fund -- Disposition Of Bond Forfeiture Money

82-4-241. Receipts paid into general fund -- disposition of bond forfeiture money. (1) Except for bond forfeiture money, all fees, penalties, and other money available or paid to the department under the provisions of this part must be placed in the state treasury and credited to the general fund.

(2) Bond forfeiture money must be used to pay for expenses that the department incurs pursuant to 82-4-240.

(3) Funds held by the department as bond or as a result of bond forfeiture that are no longer needed for reclamation and for which the department is not able to locate a surety or other person who owns the funds after diligent search must be deposited in the state special revenue fund and credited to the environmental rehabilitation and response account provided for in 75-1-110.

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