Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Coal and Uranium Mine Reclamation

Operating Permit Revocation -- Permit Transfer

82-4-250. Operating permit revocation -- permit transfer. (1) An operating permit that is revoked in accordance with this part does not terminate until 5 years after revocation or until substantial completion of seeding and planting on disturbed areas, whichever occurs earlier.

(2) A person may apply for the transfer of a revoked permit that has not terminated by submitting an application to the department that contains the information required for a permit applicant in 82-4-222(1)(b) through (1)(i). Upon receipt of an application from a person who is not precluded from holding a permit pursuant to this part, the department shall cease reclamation activities on the permit area.

(3) The department may not require the applicant to submit any additional information unless the department can show that significant changes in the environmental baseline data have occurred during the period of operation or since the revocation of the initial operating permit.

(4) The department may not prepare a review under 75-1-201 for a transfer unless the department can show that the operation has caused or may cause significant impacts that have not been analyzed previously in an environmental review document prepared pursuant to 75-1-201.

(5) The department shall process an application for transfer under the same timeframes as are provided in 82-4-231 for processing of permit applications.

(6) Except as provided in subsection (7), the department shall, after receipt of an application pursuant to subsections (2) through (5) and after public notice and opportunity for comment:

(a) transfer the operating permit to a new operator if the new operator provides proof of site ownership or control and adequate bonding as required by this part; and

(b) require as a condition of permit transfer that, prior to creating additional disturbance at the site, all preexisting permit deficiencies, including modifications necessary because of reclamation that has been conducted at the site, be corrected to the satisfaction of the department and that any preestablished environmental monitoring requirements continue.

(7) The department may not transfer any permit for which it can show that:

(a) the requirements of this part and the rules adopted under this part for operation, backfilling, grading, subsidence stabilization, water control, highwall reduction, topsoiling, revegetation, and reclamation of the affected area cannot be met;

(b) significant changes in the operating plan or reclamation plan are necessary; or

(c) the department would be precluded from issuing a permit to the applicant by 82-4-227(11) or (12).

(8) The department is not required to reimburse the former permittee or surety for funds expended for reclamation, monitoring, or site maintenance prior to permit transfer.

(9) This section does not apply to the revocation or transfer of an operating permit that authorizes mine operations on federal lands.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 522, L. 2001.