Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Metal Mine Reclamation

Exploration License Required -- Employees Included -- Limitation

82-4-331. Exploration license required -- employees included -- limitation. (1) A person may not engage in exploration in the state without first obtaining an exploration license from the department. A license must be issued for a period of 1 year from the date of issue and is renewable from year to year on application. An application for renewal must be filed within 30 days preceding the expiration of the current license and be accompanied by payment of a $25 renewal fee. A license may not be renewed if the applicant for renewal is in violation of any provision of this part. A license is subject to suspension and revocation as provided by this part.

(2) Employees of persons holding a valid license under this part are included in and covered by the license.

(3) A person may not be issued an exploration license if:

(a) that person's failure, or the failure of any firm or business association of which that person was a principal or controlling member, to comply with the provisions of this part, the rules adopted under this part, or a permit or license issued under this part has resulted in either the receipt of bond proceeds by the department or the completion of reclamation by the person's surety or by the department, unless that person meets the conditions described in 82-4-360;

(b) that person has not paid a penalty for which the department has obtained a judgment pursuant to 82-4-361;

(c) that person has failed to post a reclamation bond required by 82-4-305; or

(d) that person has failed to comply with an abatement order issued pursuant to 82-4-362, unless the department has completed the abatement and the person has reimbursed the department for the cost of the abatement.

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