Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Regulation by Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

Lands Subject To Law

82-11-103. Lands subject to law. This chapter applies to all lands in the state lawfully subject to its police powers, including all state-owned lands. It applies to lands of the United States or to lands subject to the jurisdiction of the United States only to the extent that control and supervision of conservation of oil and gas by the United States on its lands fails to effect the intent and purposes of this chapter and otherwise applies to those lands to the extent that any officer of the United States having jurisdiction or the officer's duly authorized representative approves any of the provisions of this chapter or an order of the board that affects those lands. This chapter also applies to any lands committed to a unit agreement approved by the secretary of the interior or the secretary's duly authorized representative, except that the board may, with respect to those unit agreements, suspend the application of this chapter or any part of this chapter so long as the conservation of oil and gas and the prevention of waste as provided in this chapter is accomplished under the unit agreements. The suspension does not relieve an operator or owner from making reports that may be required by the board with respect to operations and production under the unit agreement, and the suspension does not relieve an operator or owner from the payment of taxes on oil and gas production or payment for permit fees as required by this chapter.

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