Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Regulation of Manufacture and Distribution

Unlawful Acts

82-15-110. Unlawful acts. It is unlawful to:

(1) use any meter or mechanical device for the measurement of gasoline or liquid fuels unless the meter or mechanical device has been approved by the department and sealed as correct;

(2) change or in any way tamper with the department's seal without written consent from the department;

(3) make delivery from petroleum vehicle tanks through a hose unless the tanks have been calibrated by the department under 82-15-108;

(4) sell or deliver liquefied petroleum to a consumer as a liquid or vapor except as provided by 82-15-109;

(5) sell or offer for sale or deliver liquefied petroleum to a consumer as a liquid or vapor, the measurement of which has not been temperature corrected to 60 degrees F by means of an automatic compensating device that has been approved, calibrated, and sealed by the department, unless otherwise provided by the department;

(6) sell, offer, or expose for sale any petroleum product for which standards or minimum specifications have been set by the department unless the fuel product meets in all respects the tests and standards prescribed;

(7) sell or offer or expose for sale any petroleum product that is adulterated, mislabeled, or misrepresented with respect to the use for which it is reasonably intended; or

(8) import into the state, store, distribute, sell, offer or expose for sale, or dispense any gasoline that contains methyl tertiary butyl ether in amounts that exceed the trace level or levels allowed by the rules adopted pursuant to 82-15-102(3)(a).

History: En. 60-243 by Sec. 10, Ch. 77, L. 1977; R.C.M. 1947, 60-243; amd. Sec. 4, Ch. 385, L. 2005; amd. Sec. 13, Ch. 452, L. 2005.