Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Publication Of Orders And Rules

87-1-202. Publication of orders and rules. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), annual and biennial rules adopted by the commission setting seasonal hunting, fishing, trapping, and land use regulations or by the board setting seasonal land use regulations must be published in a pamphlet format that is made available to the public at all department offices and through all license providers.

(2) Site-specific land use regulations applicable to a particular fishing access site, wildlife management area, park site, or other department land, including but not limited to speed limits, road and off-road restrictions or closures, places where camping is allowed or prohibited, and seasonal closures for management purposes, must be indicated to the public by signs on the premises of the particular fishing access site, wildlife management area, park site, or other department land.

(3) (a) Commission orders setting management seasons, providing for game damage hunts, and closing special seasons pursuant to 87-1-304 may be published by:

(i) use of the department's website;

(ii) use of a telephone hotline number; or

(iii) any other method that is readily available to the public.

(b) The method for notifying the public of the closure of a special season must be stated in the rule that establishes the special season.

(4) Public notification of emergency closures of department lands, public waterways, and hunting, fishing, and trapping seasons that are based on public health, safety, and welfare must be made in the manner and to the extent that the department considers necessary in light of the facts surrounding the emergency, including, when practical, onsite posting of the emergency closure.

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