Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Regulation Of Wild Animals Damaging Property -- Public Hunting Requirements

87-1-225. Regulation of wild animals damaging property -- public hunting requirements. (1) Subject to the provisions of subsection (2), a landowner is eligible for game damage assistance under subsection (3) if the landowner:

(a) allows public hunting during established hunting seasons; or

(b) does not significantly reduce public hunting through imposed restrictions.

(2) The department may provide game damage assistance when public hunting on a landowner's property has been denied because of unique or special circumstances that have rendered public hunting inappropriate.

(3) Within 48 hours after receiving a request or complaint from any landholder or person in possession and having charge of any land in the state that wild animals of the state, protected by the fish and game laws and regulations, are doing damage to the property or crops on the property, the department shall investigate and arrange to study the situation with respect to damage and depredation. The department may then decide to open a special season on the game or, if the special season method is not feasible, the department may destroy the animals causing the damage. The department may authorize and grant the holders of the property permission to kill or destroy a specified number of the animals causing the damage. A wild, ferocious animal damaging property or endangering life is not covered by this section.

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