Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Fishing Licenses

Class B-4--One-Day Nonresident Fishing License

87-2-304. Class B-4--one-day nonresident fishing license. (1) Any person not a resident, as defined in 87-2-102, upon payment of the sum of $14 to any agent of the department authorized to issue fishing and hunting licenses, is entitled to a 1-day nonresident fishing license that authorizes the holder to fish with hook and line, as prescribed by rules and regulations of the department, for 1 calendar day.

(2) When purchasing a license pursuant to this section, the applicant shall indicate, and the license must state, on which calendar date the license will be used. There is no limit on the number of 1-day licenses a person may purchase. If the person is purchasing multiple 1-day licenses at one time, the department may issue a single license listing the multiple calendar dates for which the license is valid. The dates need not be consecutive.

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