Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Fish

Department Control Over Fish Hatcheries

87-3-201. Department control over fish hatcheries. The department has full control of all state fish hatcheries and is responsible for their construction, maintenance, and operation. All that construction work done under contract or otherwise shall be done under control and supervision of the director. The department shall administer the taking and collecting of all spawn, the hatching of all spawn and eggs, and the rearing, propagation, and distribution of fry, fingerlings, and fish. The department may purchase as many eyed eggs as are necessary to keep the hatcheries of the state supplied with eggs and in full operation. The department shall make every reasonable effort to collect sufficient eggs from the public streams or lakes of this state to supply the hatcheries and for that purpose may build, equip, and use fish traps and nets at any time of the year in all public waters. The department may purchase the eyed eggs of fish not propagated in this state for the purpose of stocking the waters of this state.

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