Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Fish

Importation Of Salmonid Fish Or Eggs Unlawful -- Exception -- Certification -- Permit

87-3-221. Importation of salmonid fish or eggs unlawful -- exception -- certification -- permit. (1) It is unlawful to bring live or dead salmonid fish or eggs into the state of Montana for any purpose unless the importations are shipped direct from the source to destination and a written certification that the source is free of all fish pathogens specified by the department as posing a threat to existing fisheries accompanies the shipment. Certification must be made by a fish pathologist approved by the director. Certification of the source may be by inspection conducted annually or at other times that the director may order.

(2) In addition to the certification required in subsection (1), all importations of live salmonid fish or eggs must be accompanied by a permit issued by the department. The department shall issue an import permit upon application to the department showing that the proposed importations do not present a substantial threat to the health of state fisheries. The department may condition the permit as necessary to protect fisheries from the introduction and spread of pathogens. Import permits apply to all importations from specified and certified species and sources by a permittee until January 31 of the year succeeding the year of issuance, when the permit expires. However, a separate permit is required for importations by a permittee for species or from sources unspecified in the permittee's other permit or permits.

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