Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Fish

Inspection, Quarantine, And Disinfection Of Fish Hatcheries And Culture Facilities

87-3-225. Inspection, quarantine, and disinfection of fish hatcheries and culture facilities. (1) The department may conduct inspections for the presence of fish pathogens at any fish hatchery or culture facility. Inspections may be conducted at the request of the hatchery or facility or by order of the department. The expense of inspection must be paid by the hatchery or facility requesting the inspection or by the department when the inspection is ordered by the department.

(2) When a fish hatchery or culture facility is found to be contaminated or to contain fish or eggs infected with specified fish pathogens, the department may order appropriate action, including quarantine, destruction of infected fish or eggs, or disinfection of all or part of the hatchery or facility. An order for destruction of infected fish or eggs may not be issued unless the infection is confirmed by two laboratories. The owner of the hatchery or facility is liable for all costs and expenses associated with the cleanup and the disposition of infected fish or eggs. When destruction of eggs is ordered at a private facility and the department has surplus eggs available, the department may replace the destroyed eggs without charge to the private facility.

History: En. Sec. 6, Ch. 376, L. 1989.