Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Alternative Livestock Ranches

Transportation, Sale, And Disposal Of Alternative Livestock -- Quarantine

87-4-415. Transportation, sale, and disposal of alternative livestock -- quarantine. (1) Prior to selling, transferring, transporting, or disposing of one or more alternative livestock, the alternative livestock ranch licensee shall request an inspection of the alternative livestock, which inspection must be completed by a department of livestock designated agent. All dead alternative livestock must be reported to the department of livestock within 1 working day of the discovery of the death.

(2) (a) Inspection under subsection (1) must be conducted pursuant to 81-3-203(1) through (3) and must include the number, species, age, sex, and individual identification numbers of alternative livestock transported or disposed of.

(b) A copy of the certificate of inspection must be provided by the department of livestock to the department within 10 days of inspection.

(3) The department of livestock may quarantine or issue a hold order on any alternative livestock pending inspection and health certification. The department shall notify the department of livestock regarding the importation or transportation of any alternative livestock that the department reasonably believes may be infected with a disease specific to wildlife.

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