Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 7. Sale of Game in Commercial Trade


87-4-701. Definitions. (1) The words "game" and "game birds" or "parts of the same" mean the game animals and game birds, the killing of which is restricted or forbidden by the laws of Montana.

(2) The words "merchant", "hotelkeeper", or "restaurant keeper" mean each manager, servant, agent, or employer of such person.

(3) The word "sale", as used in the statute laws of this state touching the sale of game and fish, the sale of which is prohibited by law, does and shall be considered to mean:

(a) a contract by which, for a pecuniary consideration called a price, one transfers an interest in either game or fish;

(b) a contract by which, for an article or thing of value, one transfers, barters, or exchanges an interest either in game or fish.

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