Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 8. Menageries, Sanctuaries, and Zoos

Permit To Obtain Wild Animals

87-4-804. Permit to obtain wild animals. (1) It is unlawful to obtain healthy wild animals for a roadside menagerie, wild animal menagerie, wildlife sanctuary, or zoo by capture from the wild or by purchase except that the capture and holding of injured wildlife or wildlife deemed nonreleasable by the department and the United States fish and wildlife service due to injury, human conflict, or seizure is permissible in accordance with the terms of a permit issued pursuant to this section.

(2) Application for a capture permit may be made only by a wildlife sanctuary or a zoo and must be made to the director on a form prescribed by the director. After investigation by the department, the director may issue a capture permit without charge if the director finds:

(a) that all provisions of this part and of the department regulations are complied with by the applicant; and

(b) that the number and species of wildlife desired is not excessive under the circumstances.

(3) If wild animals are to be obtained by capture for use in a wildlife sanctuary or a zoo, the permit must designate the number and the means of capture, but ownership of the wild animals captured must remain in the state of Montana.

(4) Roadside menageries, wild animal menageries, wildlife sanctuaries, and zoos may obtain captive-bred wild animals from a licensed zoo, menagerie, alternative livestock ranch, fur farm, game bird farm, wildlife sanctuary, or animal rehabilitation center.

(5) Wild animals may be bought, sold, or transferred under regulations that the department prescribes.

(6) The number of wild animals in a wild animal menagerie may not exceed 10.

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