Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Wild Birds -- Regulation of Raptors

License And Rules For Falconry And Raptors

87-5-204. License and rules for falconry and raptors. (1) The commission shall adopt specific rules for the keeping of records and for the trapping, taking, possession by residents and nonresidents, selling or transfer of possession, or training of raptors used in the practice of falconry and may authorize the issuance of licenses to persons for the practice of falconry and set license qualifications and fees. Rules adopted under this section are intended to conform to standards and regulations adopted under federal law by being at least as restrictive.

(2) Licensees must have in possession a valid falconer's license when engaged in the practice of falconry. In addition, falconers loosing raptors at game birds must have in possession a valid resident or nonresident upland game bird license or waterfowl stamp, as appropriate.

(3) Falconry licenses or permits are not transferable and may be revoked for due cause at any time by the department.

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