Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 8. Montana Wildlife Habitat Improvement Act

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Projects -- Requirements -- Ranking

87-5-804. Wildlife habitat improvement projects -- requirements -- ranking. (1) Project proposals must:

(a) address how projects would restore, rehabilitate, improve, or manage land as wildlife habitat through noxious weed management;

(b) include a plan to remove noxious weeds or prevent them from propagating or taking hold in the project area;

(c) include a commitment to match at least 25% of a grant in cash, goods, or services; and

(d) include measurable objectives and a monitoring plan to allow the department to analyze how noxious weed management is restoring, rehabilitating, improving, or managing land as wildlife habitat.

(2) The council shall rank wildlife habitat improvement project proposals according to rules adopted by the department pursuant to 87-5-808 and make funding recommendations to the department.

(3) In ranking the proposals, the council shall give preference to projects in wildlife habitat that include:

(a) access for public hunting;

(b) multiple partners and landowners; and

(c) a commitment to match at least 25% of the final grant in cash.

(4) Additional preference must be given to a project that proposes to:

(a) address the primary spread of noxious weeds to adjacent areas of wildlife habitat with native plants;

(b) include a significant portion of ecologically important wildlife habitat that is in need of restoration;

(c) include a significant portion of a watershed; or

(d) maintain native plants after project completion.

History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 342, L. 2017.