Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 9. Additional Sentencing Provisions

Restitution For Illegal Killing, Possession, Or Waste Of Certain Wildlife

87-6-906. Restitution for illegal killing, possession, or waste of certain wildlife. (1) Except as provided in 87-6-907 and in addition to other penalties provided by law, a person convicted or forfeiting bond or bail on a charge of the illegal taking, killing, possession, or waste of a wild bird, mammal, or fish listed in this section shall reimburse the state for each bird, mammal, or fish according to the following schedule:

(a) mountain sheep and endangered species, $2,000;

(b) elk, caribou, bald eagle, black bear, wolf, and moose, $1,000;

(c) mountain lion, lynx, wolverine, buffalo, golden eagle, osprey, falcon, antlered deer as defined by commission regulation, bull trout longer than 18 inches, and adult buck antelope as defined by commission regulation, $500;

(d) deer not included in subsection (1)(c), antelope not included in subsection (1)(c), fisher, raptor not included in subsection (1)(c), swan, bobcat, white sturgeon, river-dwelling grayling, and paddlefish, $300;

(e) fur-bearing animals that are not listed in subsection (1)(c) or (1)(d), $100;

(f) game bird (except swan), $25;

(g) game fish, $10.

(2) When a court enters an order declaring bond or bail to be forfeited, the court may also order that some or all of the forfeited bond or bail be paid as restitution to the state according to the schedule in subsection (1). A hearing to determine the amount of restitution, as required under 46-9-512, is not required for an order of restitution under this section.

History: En. Sec. 68, Ch. 258, L. 2011; amd. Sec. 129, Ch. 258, L. 2011.