Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 1. Planning and Economic Development

Functions Of Department Of Commerce -- State Planning

90-1-102. Functions of department of commerce -- state planning. The department of commerce shall:

(1) make economic and social studies needed to accomplish the purposes of this part;

(2) coordinate and assist regional development groups in the comprehensive development of the resources of the region to the betterment of Montana;

(3) assemble and correlate information for the purpose of making long-range plans for economic and resource development of the state and its subdivisions relating to all of the factors that influence the development of new and existing economic enterprises, including taxes and the regulation of industry;

(4) provide advice and assistance to Montana business and labor in the field of economic development and bring to the attention of the governor those significant problems adversely affecting economic development that may be relieved by state action;

(5) locate and maintain information on prime sites for industrial, agricultural, mineral, forestry, commercial, and residential development and on sites of historical importance and make recommendations for protecting and preserving those sites;

(6) apply for, accept, and administer grants from the federal government or other public or private sources to accomplish the objectives of this part and enter into contracts, including agreements with adjoining states, with respect to planning involving adjoining states;

(7) serve as the consultative, coordinating, and advisory agency for state departments, officials, and agencies in state planning and for encouraging and aiding local planning bodies, either directly or by securing planning assistance, consulting services, and technical aid, which may include land use, demographic, and economic studies and surveys and comprehensive plans.

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