Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Planning and Economic Development

State Matching Funds Program For Economic Development -- Distribution Of Proceeds -- Criteria For Grants -- Local Economic Development Matching Funds

90-1-116. State matching funds program for economic development -- distribution of proceeds -- criteria for grants -- local economic development matching funds. (1) As used in this section, the following definitions apply:

(a) "Certified regional development corporation" means a private, nonprofit corporation that has been designated by the department through a competitive process to manage and administer funds and programs for the department on a regional basis.

(b) "Department" means the department of commerce provided for in 2-15-1801.

(c) "Treasure community" means a community that meets and maintains requirements for certification established by the department and administered by the certified regional development corporation.

(2) The department shall create a program to provide state funds to match local economic development funds and to fund up to 12 certified regional development corporations. The provision of state matching funds is contingent upon specific appropriations to the department for that purpose.

(3) An assistance grant to a certified regional development corporation will be made based on rules adopted by the department for the state matching funds program. The rules for distribution of funds must include consideration of:

(a) the size of the geographic area represented by the certified regional development corporation;

(b) the number of communities served by the certified regional development corporation;

(c) the population served by the certified regional development corporation; and

(d) the services offered by the certified regional development corporation.

(4) To be eligible to receive a grant, a certified regional development corporation:

(a) must be designated as the certified regional development corporation by the department;

(b) shall maintain department requirements for certification;

(c) shall match each $1 of the grant with $1 raised from public or private sources;

(d) shall administer the treasure community designation and reporting process for the communities and counties in the region;

(e) shall encourage and organize full participation in regional economic development activities, meetings, projects, and planning by the treasure communities in the region; and

(f) shall deliver services and resources to the citizens, businesses, and treasure communities throughout the region.

(5) Grants under this section must be used to conduct economic development programs consistent with strategic plans that are adopted by the certified regional development corporations and the treasure communities in the region and that are filed with the department.

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