Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. State Building Energy Conservation Program

Preparation Of Energy Conservation Program

90-4-605. Preparation of energy conservation program. (1) The department shall identify buildings that have a potential for energy savings, based on age, energy use, function, and condition of the building. Upon request of the department, a state agency shall provide the department with information necessary to allow the department to comply with this requirement.

(2) Based on the criteria in subsection (1) and on the feasibility of leveraging other funds, such as federal and utility energy conservation program money, the department shall select certain facilities for indepth energy analyses to identify the technical and financial feasibility of making energy conservation improvements to the facilities.

(3) (a) Upon completion of the energy analyses, the department shall identify estimated costs and savings to the state based on these analyses.

(b) The department shall notify the department of administration of each project for which:

(i) for projects to be funded with bond proceeds, the estimated savings are determined to be greater than the bond payment costs; and

(ii) for projects to be funded from the general fund or the energy conservation capital projects account, the estimated savings are determined to be greater than the cost of the project plus annual interest payments of 3% of the unpaid balance of the cost of the project.

(c) Upon receipt of the notification, the department of administration shall implement a design and construction project using bond proceeds or funds from the general fund or the energy conservation capital projects account established in 90-4-617 for the costs of the project.

(4) The department shall compile a report that must include the following:

(a) a listing of contacts between the department and other state agencies;

(b) a summary of the department's review of agency requests and a selection of projects for indepth analysis;

(c) a summary of the energy analyses conducted by the department, including the estimated cost of each proposed project and the estimated energy cost savings of each proposed project; and

(d) a listing of additional projects under consideration, for which energy analyses have not been conducted.

(5) The department shall submit the report required by subsection (4) to the governor before September 1 of each even-numbered year.

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