Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Coal Impacts -- Evaluation and Abatement Funding

Coal Board -- General Powers

90-6-205. Coal board -- general powers. The board may:

(1) retain professional consultants and advisors;

(2) adopt rules governing its proceedings;

(3) consider applications for grants from available funds;

(4) award grants, subject to 90-6-207, from available funds:

(a) to local governmental units, state agencies, and governing bodies of federally recognized Indian tribes to assist local governmental units and federally recognized Indian tribes in meeting the local impact of coal development or a major decline in coal mining or in the operation of coal-using energy complexes by enabling them to adequately provide governmental services and facilities that are needed as a direct consequence of an increase or decrease in coal development or in the consumption of coal by a coal-using energy complex; and

(b) notwithstanding the provisions of 90-6-207, to the department of transportation, established in 2-15-2501, to expedite the construction, repair, and maintenance of deficient sections of highway within the area designated in 90-6-210 if the deficiency is the direct result of increased traffic accompanying the development of coal resources; and

(5) award a grant to a local governmental unit for the purpose of paying for part or all of the credit that the local governmental unit is obligated to give to a major new industrial facility that has prepaid property taxes under 15-16-201. The board shall award the grant in accordance with 90-6-206.

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