Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Hard-Rock Mining Impact

Tax Prepayment -- Large-Scale Mineral Development

90-6-309. Tax prepayment -- large-scale mineral development. (1) After permission to commence operation is granted by the appropriate governmental agency and upon request of the governing body of a county in which a facility is to be located, a person intending to construct or locate a large-scale mineral development in this state shall prepay property taxes as specified in the impact plan. This prepayment must exclude the 6-mill university levy established under 15-10-109 and may exclude the mandatory county levies for the school BASE funding program established in 20-9-331 and 20-9-333.

(2) The person who is to prepay under this section is not obligated to prepay the entire amount established in subsection (1) at one time. Upon request of the governing body of an affected local government unit, the person shall prepay the amount shown to be needed from time to time as determined by the board.

(3) The person who is to prepay shall guarantee to the hard-rock mining impact board, through an appropriate financial institution, as may be required by the board, that property tax prepayments will be paid as needed for expenditures created by the impacts of the large-scale mineral development.

(4) When the mineral development facilities are completed and assessed by the department of revenue, they are subject during the first 3 years and thereafter to taxation as all other property similarly situated, except that in each year after the start of production, the local government unit that received a property tax prepayment shall provide for repayment of prepaid property taxes in accordance with subsection (5).

(5) A local government unit that received all or a portion of the property tax prepayment under this section shall provide for tax crediting as specified in the impact plan. The tax credit allowed in any year may not, however, exceed the tax obligation of the developer for that year, and the time period for tax crediting is limited to the productive life of the mining operation.

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