Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 4. Special Conditions -- Standard Prevailing Rate of Wages

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18-2-401. Definitions.
18-2-402. Standard prevailing rate of wages.
18-2-403. Preference of Montana labor in public works -- wages -- tax-exempt project -- federal exception.
18-2-404. Approval of public works contract -- bond.
18-2-405. Repealed.
18-2-406. Posting wage scale and fringe benefits.
18-2-407. Forfeiture for failure to pay standard prevailing rate of wages.
18-2-408. Renumbered .
18-2-409. Montana residents to be employed on state construction contracts.
18-2-410. reserved.
18-2-411. Creation of prevailing wage rate districts.
18-2-412. Method for payment of standard prevailing wage.
18-2-413. Standard prevailing rate of wages for building construction services.
18-2-414. Standard prevailing rate of wages for heavy construction services and for highway construction services -- definition.
18-2-415. Standard prevailing rate of wages for nonconstruction services -- survey.
18-2-416. Wages paid to registered apprentices.
18-2-417. Wage rate adjustments for multiyear contracts.
18-2-418. Wage rates based on project classification.
18-2-419. Zone pay and per diem.
18-2-420. reserved.
18-2-421. Notice.
18-2-422. Bid specification and public works contract to contain standard prevailing wage rate and payroll record notification.
18-2-423. Submission of payroll records.
18-2-424. Enforcement.
18-2-425. Prohibition -- project labor agreement.
18-2-426. through reserved.
18-2-431. Rulemaking authority.
18-2-432. Penalty for violation.