Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Administration of Finances

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20-9-201. Definitions and application.
20-9-202. County officials for financial administration when joint district.
20-9-203. Examination of district accounting records.
20-9-204. Conflicts of interests, letting contracts, and calling for bids -- exceptions.
20-9-205. Prohibition on division of contracts to circumvent bid requirements.
20-9-206. Repealed.
20-9-207. Documentation of expenditures.
20-9-208. Transfers among appropriation items of fund -- transfers from fund to fund.
20-9-209. Lapse of budgeted appropriations and provision for unpaid claims.
20-9-210. Expenditure limitation of nonbudgeted fund.
20-9-211. Repealed.
20-9-212. Duties of county treasurer.
20-9-213. Duties of trustees.
20-9-214. Fees.
20-9-215. Destruction of certain financial records.
20-9-216. through reserved.
20-9-220. Clearing accounts.
20-9-221. Procedure for issuance of warrants.
20-9-222. Repealed.
20-9-223. Cancellation of outstanding warrants -- duplication.
20-9-224. Repealed.
20-9-225. Definitions relating to interest assessment.
20-9-226. Interest assessed on amounts due.
20-9-227. Exemptions from interest assessment.
20-9-228. through reserved.
20-9-231. Metal mines tax reserve fund.
20-9-232. through reserved.
20-9-235. Authorization for school district investment account.
20-9-236. Transfer of funds -- improvements to school safety and security.