Legislative Audit Committee

Full Agenda on Tap for June 26-27 Audit Committee Meeting

Committee: Legislative Audit Committee
Author: Angus Maciver
Posted on June 20, 2017

Image of the interior of the Montana State Capitol

The Legislative Audit Committee will be meeting June 26-27. The meeting will be in Room 172 of the State Capitol in Helena, starting at 1:00 pm on June 26 and 8:00 am on June 27. Senate members on the committee are Dee Brown, R-Hungry Horse; Terry Gauthier, R-Helena; Bob Keenan R-Big Fork; Mary McNally, D-Billings; Margie MacDonald D-Billings; and Gene Vuckovich D-Anaconda. House members are Kim Abbott, D-Helena; Dan Bartell, R-Lewistown; Randy Brodehl, R-Kalispell; Tom Burnett, R-Bozeman; Virginia Court, D-Billings; and Denise Hayman, D-Bozeman.

The committee anticipates hearing reports from Legislative Audit Division (LAD) staff on the following audits:

Information Systems Audit
Integrated Justice Information Sharing (IJIS) Broker (15DP-05)

Performance Audits
Coordination of Liquor Licensing Compliance Programs (16P-02)
State Employee Health Clinics Contract Management and Oversight (16P-03)
Montana Heritage Commission: Managing Virginia City, Nevada City and Reeder’s Alley     Historic Properties (16P-05)

Financial and Financial-Compliance Audits
University of Montana (15-10B)
Montana State University (15-11B)
Montana Water Pollution Control and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Programs (15-25B)
Montana State Lottery (15-30B)
Montana Facility Finance Authority (16-12)
Office of the Secretary of State (16-19)
State Auditor’s Office (16-20)
Montana Board of Public Education (16-22A)
Department of Military Affairs (16-25)
Department of Public Service Regulation (16-26)
Judicial Branch (16-27)
Dawson Community College (16C-06)
Miles Community College (16C-08)
Flathead Valley Community College (16C-07)
Montana Medical Legal Panel (17C-05)

The committee will also be updated on the implementation of the following audits: Montana University System Workforce Data Reporting (17SP-16), Combined Healthcare Information and Montana Eligibility System for Medicaid-Enterprise Architecture (17SP-09), and Railroad Safety (17SP-28). Committee members will also hear about on-going audit work including projects related to Tax Increment Financing Districts, Medicaid Program Integrity, Tracking Remediation and Environmental Actions Data System (TREADS). Other items on the agenda include the prioritization of performance audits for fiscal year 2018, review of Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Plan Review, and election of officers.   

For additional information on specific audits, contact the LAD office or check the LAD website at http://leg.mt.gov/audit and refer to the alpha-numeric identifiers listed in parenthesis after the audit titles.

The June 26-27 meeting will be live streamed at http://leg.mt.gov. For more information about the meeting, visit the committee’s website http://leg.mt.gov/audit or contact Angus Maciver, Legislative Auditor, at 444-3122.