Legislative Audit Committee

LAC to Review Performance Audit Reports of the Montana Department of Transportation

Committee: Legislative Audit Committee
Author: Angus Maciver
Posted on June 13, 2018

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Legislative Audit Committee to review performance audit reports of the Montana Department of Transportation as required under House Bill 473 from the 2017 legislative session. The committee will also hear the latest financial-compliance audit for the Department of Livestock, and will review efforts to combat fraud, waste and abuse in the Montana Medicaid Program.

The Legislative Audit Committee (LAC) will meet Monday June 25 and Tuesday June 26, 2018 in room 172 of the State Capitol. The Legislative Audit Committee ensures accountability for the disposition and use of public funds, and the efficient and effective management of state government programs.  The committee meets regularly to review Independent Audit Reports, interact with audited agencies, and advise and consult with the Legislative Auditor and the staff of the Legislative Audit Division.

Financial-Compliance Reports scheduled for review in June include the Department of Agriculture, Montana State Library Commission, Montana Arts Council, Department of Livestock, and Montana State Fund. The LAC will additionally be reviewing a contract audit on the Montana Medical Legal Panel.

Also scheduled for review is a performance audit on State Efforts to Mitigate Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in the Montana Medicaid Program. The committee will also review two performance audits resulting in part from passage of House Bill 473 during the 2017 legislative session titled Funding Montana’s Highway Infrastructure, and An Examination of the Montana Department of Transportation’s Maintenance Division. There will also be focus on a performance follow-up audit titled Brucellosis Management in the state of Montana.

There is one information systems audit scheduled for a hearing, which addresses the Statewide Accounting, Budgeting, and Human Resource System (SABHRS) Governance and Security Management by the Department of Administration.

Senate Members of the LAC are Dee Brown, R-Hungry Horse; Terry Gauthier, R-Helena; Bob Keenan R-Bigfork; Margaret MacDonald, D-Billings; Mary McNally (Chair), D-Billings; and Gene Vuckovich, D-Anaconda.  House members are Kim Abbott, D-Helena; Dan Bartel, R-Lewistown; Randy Brodehl, R-Kalispell; Tom Burnett, R-Bozeman; Virginia Court (Secretary), D-Billings; and Denise Hayman, D-Bozeman. 

The LAC meeting is set to convene at 1:00 p.m. on the 25th and 8:30 a.m. on the 20.  An agenda and other committee information can be found on the LAC's website.

The meeting streams live at http://leg.mt.gov and will be broadcast on Television Montana (TVMT.) Please check your local channels listings to find TVMT in your area.