Legislative Finance Committee

New Subcommittee to Study Montana’s Tax Structure, Economy meets Jan. 17

Committee: Legislative Finance Committee
Author: Susie Lindsay
Posted on January 11, 2018

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The Joint Subcommittee on the Changing Economy and Impacts to the Long-Term Viability of Montana’s Tax Structure will meet at 1 p.m. on Jan. 17 in Room 152 of the State Capitol Building.

The subcommittee, comprised of five members from the Legislative Finance Committee and five from the Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee, was formed as a result of the two committees’ intent to study Montana’s tax structure relative to the state’s changing economy.

During this first meeting, members will elect officers and discuss committee goals and purpose.

Committee business also includes the review of a pre-meeting survey designed to prioritize discussion topics regarding Montana tax policies. They will also discuss the state’s financial volatility, tax collections and revenue forecasts, and a historic look at the state’s general fund. The subcommittee will also hear from Mark Haggarty of Headwaters Economics.

The two full committees will meet jointly on March 13.

The subcommittee meeting will be live streamed at leg.mt.gov and broadcast on Television Montana (TVMT). For the full meeting agenda and more information, see the subcommittee website.