Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 42. Municipal Budget Law

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7-6-4201. Short title.
7-6-4202. Definitions.
7-6-4203. Scope of part.
7-6-4204. Construction of part.
7-6-4205. Role of department of commerce.
7-6-4206. Violations.
7-6-4207. through 7-6-4220 reserved.
7-6-4221. Filing of estimate of revenues and expenses with clerk -- exception.
7-6-4222. Exclusion of certain items from estimate and budget.
7-6-4223. Penalty for noncompliance with filing requirements -- exception.
7-6-4224. Preparation of expenditure program and information on sources of revenue -- exception.
7-6-4225. Classification of estimates, appropriations, and expenditures -- exception.
7-6-4226. Consideration of tabulation by council -- preparation of preliminary budget -- exception.
7-6-4227. Notice of hearing on preliminary budget -- exception.
7-6-4228. Hearing on preliminary budget -- exception.
7-6-4229. Determination of projected fund cash flow following hearing -- exception.
7-6-4230. Determination of fund requirements to be met by tax levy -- exception.
7-6-4231. Final budget -- approval, adoption, and amendment -- exception.
7-6-4232. Fixing of tax levy -- exception.
7-6-4233. Budget and tax levies to be supplied to department of commerce.
7-6-4234. Effect of exceeding budget appropriations -- personal liability.
7-6-4235. Limitations on appropriations after budget adopted -- exception.
7-6-4236. Transfer of appropriations within and among expenditure classes.
7-6-4237. Use of bond proceeds and borrowed money.
7-6-4238. Restriction on tax-financed expenditures if voter approval of tax levy required.
7-6-4239. Procedure when there exist unpaid and outstanding warrants at end of fiscal year.
7-6-4240. Lapse of appropriation.
7-6-4241. Clerk's report concerning expenditures, liabilities, and appropriations -- exception.
7-6-4242. through 7-6-4250 reserved.
7-6-4251. Procedure to make expenditures and incur liabilities in case of serious emergencies.
7-6-4252. Procedure to make expenditures and incur liabilities in case of other emergencies.
7-6-4253. Appeal of order for certain emergency expenditures.
7-6-4254. Limitation on amount of emergency budgets and appropriations.
7-6-4255. Use of emergency warrants.
7-6-4256. through 7-6-4258 reserved.
7-6-4259. Budgets of appointed boards and commissions -- exemption for bonds.