Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Board of Psychologists

Meetings -- Expenses Of Members -- Attorney General As Board Attorney -- Seal

37-17-201. Meetings -- expenses of members -- attorney general as board attorney -- seal. (1) The board shall hold a regular annual meeting in which it shall select from its members a presiding officer and a secretary. Other regular meetings must be held at the times that the rules of the board provide. Special meetings may be held at times considered necessary or advisable by the presiding officer and the majority of its members or on the request of the governor. Reasonable notice of meetings must be given in the manner prescribed by the board. The department shall keep a record of the board's proceedings.

(2) Each board member must receive compensation and travel expenses as provided for in 37-1-133.

(3) The attorney general shall act as attorney for the board. The attorney general or a representative of the attorney general may sit as an ex officio member of the board in an advisory capacity only.

(4) The board shall adopt an official seal.

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