Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Board of Psychologists


37-17-202. Powers. (1) The board may make reasonable and necessary rules for the proper performance of its duties and for the regulation of proceedings before it.

(2) In addition to the other powers and duties set forth, the board may:

(a) revoke and suspend licenses;

(b) conduct hearings upon complaints concerning persons licensed under this chapter;

(c) cause the prosecution and enjoinder of all persons violating this chapter, by the complaint of its secretary signed with the county attorney, in the county where the violation took place and incur necessary expenses for the prosecution; and

(d) study and review new developments in research, training, and the practice of psychology and make recommendations to the governor and other state officials regarding new and revised programs and legislation related to psychology which could be beneficial to the citizens of the state of Montana.

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