Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 10. Montana Economic Development

Application For State Certification

15-31-1004. Application for state certification. (1) (a) A production company may not receive the tax credit provided for in 15-31-1007 unless the production has been certified by the department of commerce as provided in this section.

(b) A postproduction company may not receive the tax credit provided for in 15-31-1009 unless the postproduction company has been certified by the department of commerce. The postproduction company shall submit an application that includes the information provided for in subsection (2)(a) for the postproduction company. The application must be submitted in the year in which the postproduction plans to claim the credit and must be accompanied by a $500 application fee. For the purposes of allocating the credit pursuant to 15-31-1010, the application must contain an estimate of the amount of credit the postproduction company will claim. A postproduction company that plans to claim the credit in more than 1 tax year must apply for the credit each year, but the application fee is only required in the first year of application. The department of commerce shall notify the applicant whether the postproduction company qualifies for the credit within 30 days of receipt of the application.

(2) An application, on a form provided by the department of commerce, must be submitted by the production company to the department of commerce before the start of principal photography. The application must be accompanied by a $500 fee and must include:

(a) the production company's name, primary business address, telephone and fax numbers, incorporation information, federal tax identification number, and the name of at least one principal company officer or manager;

(b) the address and telephone and fax numbers of the production company's Montana office;

(c) the name of the line producer, unit production manager, or production accountant;

(d) a statement that the applicant meets the definition of production company in 15-31-1003;

(e) the title of the production;

(f) the type of production;

(g) the proposed dates of production from preproduction to the start and completion of principal photography;

(h) a copy or synopsis of the production script;

(i) a list of production locations;

(j) a statement that the proposed production does not contain any material or performance that would be considered obscene under 45-8-201(2);

(k) a statement that the production will include a qualified Montana promotion; and

(l) a statement that the production company plans to make a base investment of $350,000 or more or, if subsection (5) applies, that the production company plans to make a base investment of $50,000 or more.

(3) The application must be signed by the manager, agent, president, vice president, or other person authorized to represent the production company.

(4) (a) The department of commerce shall notify the applicant within 30 days of receipt of the application as to whether the production qualifies as a state-certified production.

(b) If the department of commerce approves the application, the department of commerce shall provide a certification number to the applicant.

(5) The department of commerce may approve on a case-by-case basis an application for a commercial, music video, production for website creation, video game, interactive entertainment, or experimental or low-budget project that plans a base investment of less than $350,000 but more than $50,000.

(6) (a) If the department of commerce determines that the production company has violated the provisions of subsection (2)(j) or (2)(k), the department of commerce may revoke the state certification of the production. If the department of commerce revokes the state certification, the department of commerce shall notify the department of revenue. The production company has the right to a hearing before the department of commerce on the revocation of the state certification as provided in Title 2, chapter 4, part 6.

(b) The department of revenue shall recapture any tax credit claimed by a production company for which the state certification has been revoked. The recapture is subject to penalties and interest as provided in 15-1-216.

(c) If the production company transferred the tax credit, the recapture provisions of 15-31-1008(7) apply.

(7) The department of commerce shall design and furnish the Montana screen credit needed to qualify for the additional tax credit provided for in 15-31-1007(3)(b)(viii) and the programming promoting Montana destinations provided for in 15-31-1003(12)(e).

(8) The application fee must be deposited in an account in the state special revenue fund. The fee is statutorily appropriated to the department of commerce, as provided in 17-7-502, to administer the provisions of 15-31-1004 through 15-31-1012.

(9) The department of commerce shall prescribe rules necessary to carry out the provisions of this section, including a procedure for review of the department of commerce's denial or revocation of state certification, the department's policies on the types of productions that may include the Montana screen credit, and the criteria for approving projects with a base investment of less than $350,000.

History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 352, L. 2019.