Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Audits of Political Subdivisions

Penalties -- Rules To Establish Fine

2-7-517. Penalties -- rules to establish fine. (1) Except as provided in 15-1-121(12)(b), when a local government entity has failed to file a report as required by 2-7-503(1)or make payment required by 2-7-514(2) within 60 days, the department may issue an order stopping payment of any state financial assistance to the local government entity or may charge a late payment penalty as adopted by rule. Upon receipt of the report or payment of the filing fee, all financial assistance that was withheld under this section must be released and paid to the local government entity.

(2) In addition to the penalty provided in subsection (1), if a local government entity has not filed the audits or reports pursuant to 2-7-503 within 180 days of the dates required by 2-7-503, the department shall notify the entity of the fine due to the department and shall provide public notice of the delinquent audits or reports.

(3) The department may grant an extension to a local government entity for filing the audits and reports required under 2-7-503 or may waive the fines, fees, and other penalties imposed in this section if the local government entity shows good cause for the delinquency or demonstrates that the failure to comply with 2-7-503 was the result of circumstances beyond the entity's control.

(4) The department shall adopt rules establishing a fine, not to exceed $100, based on the cost of providing public notice under subsection (2), for failure to file audits or reports required by 2-7-503 in the timeframes required under that section.

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