Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Comprehensive State Insurance Plan

Comprehensive Insurance Plan For State

2-9-201. Comprehensive insurance plan for state. (1) The department of administration is responsible for the acquisition and administration of all the insurance purchased for protection of the state, as defined in 2-9-101.

(2) The department of administration shall, after consultation with the departments, agencies, commissions, and other instrumentalities of the state, provide a comprehensive insurance plan for the state providing insurance coverage to the state in amounts determined and set by the department of administration and may purchase, renew, cancel, and modify all policies according to the comprehensive insurance plan. The plan may include property, casualty, liability, crime, fidelity, and any such other policies of insurance as the department of administration may from time to time deem reasonable and prudent.

(3) The department of administration may in its discretion elect to utilize a deductible insurance plan, either wholly or in part.

(4) Only the department of administration may procure insurance under parts 1 through 3 of this chapter except as otherwise provided herein.

(5) All offices, departments, agencies, authorities, commissions, boards, institutions, hospitals, colleges, universities, and other instrumentalities of the state hereafter called state participants shall comply with parts 1 through 3 and the insurance plan developed by the department of administration.

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