Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Comprehensive State Insurance Plan

Apportionment Of Costs -- Creation Of Deductible Reserve

2-9-202. Apportionment of costs -- creation of deductible reserve. (1) The department of administration shall apportion the costs of all insurance purchased under 2-9-201 to the individual state participants, and the costs must be paid to the department subject to appropriations by the legislature.

(2) The department, if it elects to use a deductible insurance plan, is authorized to charge the individual state participants an amount equal to the cost of a full-coverage insurance plan until such time as a deductible reserve is established. In each subsequent year, the department may charge a sufficient amount over the actual cost of the deductible insurance to replenish the deductible reserves.

(3) The department may accumulate a self-insurance reserve fund sufficient to provide self-insurance for all liability coverages that in its discretion the department considers should be self-insured. Payments into the self-insurance reserve fund must be made from a legislative appropriation for that purpose. Proceeds of the fund must be used by the department to pay claims under parts 1 through 3 of this chapter. Expenditures for actual and necessary expenses required for the efficient administration of the fund must be made from temporary appropriations, as described in 17-7-501(1) or (2), made for that purpose.

(4) Money in reserve funds established under this section that is not needed to meet expected expenditures must be invested and all proceeds of the investment credited to the fund.

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