Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 30. Department of Agriculture

Montana Wheat And Barley Committee

2-15-3002. Montana wheat and barley committee. (1) There is a Montana wheat and barley committee.

(2) The committee consists of seven members and three ex officio, nonvoting members.

(3) The governor shall appoint one member from each of the following districts:

(a) District I, consisting of Daniels, Sheridan, and Roosevelt Counties;

(b) District II, consisting of Valley, Phillips, Blaine, and Hill Counties;

(c) District III, consisting of Liberty, Toole, Glacier, and Pondera Counties;

(d) District IV, consisting of Chouteau and Teton Counties;

(e) District V, consisting of Lewis and Clark, Cascade, Judith Basin, Fergus, Petroleum, Meagher, Broadwater, Wheatland, Golden Valley, and Musselshell Counties;

(f) District VI, consisting of Big Horn, Yellowstone, Stillwater, Carbon, Sweet Grass, Park, Gallatin, Madison, Jefferson, Silver Bow, Beaverhead, and all counties west of the continental divide;

(g) District VII, consisting of Garfield, McCone, Rosebud, Richland, Dawson, Wibaux, Prairie, Carter, Custer, Fallon, Powder River, and Treasure Counties.

(4) The ex officio members are:

(a) the director of the department of agriculture;

(b) the dean of agriculture of Montana state university-Bozeman;

(c) a representative of the grain trade in Montana elected by a majority of the appointed members.

(5) Each of the appointed members must be a citizen of Montana, derive a substantial portion of the member's income from growing wheat or barley in this state, and be a resident of and have farming operations in the district from which appointed. No more than four of the appointed members may be of the same political party.

(6) A list of nominees for appointment may be submitted to the governor by the Montana farmers union, Montana farm bureau, Montana grange, Montana women involved in farm economics, and the Montana grain growers association. Names of nominees must be submitted not more than 90 days but not less than 30 days before the expiration of a member's term.

(7) The appointed members shall serve staggered terms of 3 years. A member may not serve more than three consecutive 3-year terms.

(8) A member may be removed by the governor, after a full public hearing before the governor, for malfeasance, misfeasance, or neglect of duty. Removal proceedings may not be started except upon duly verified written charges. The member must be given a copy of the written charges at least 10 days in advance of the hearing. At the hearing, the member may be represented by an attorney and may present witnesses on the member's behalf.

(9) A member who ceases to reside in the state or in the district from which the member was appointed or who ceases to grow wheat or barley in the state or district is disqualified from membership, and the office becomes vacant. If the member refuses to recognize the member's disqualification, the refusal is cause for removal.

(10) The committee is allocated to the department for administrative purposes only as provided in 2-15-121.

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