Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 30. Department of Agriculture

Board Of Hail Insurance

2-15-3003. Board of hail insurance. (1) There is a board of hail insurance of five members consisting of the state auditor, the director of agriculture, who is secretary of the board, and three other members to be appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate.

(2) The governor shall designate one of the appointive members to act as presiding officer of the board.

(3) Whenever the term of any member expires, either by death, resignation, removal for cause, or expiration of the member's term of office, the governor shall appoint a successor and shall also appoint one of the board as presiding officer in case of a vacancy in that office.

(4) Each appointive member of the board must be appointed for 3 years, except when an appointment is made to fill a vacancy on the board, in which case the appointee shall fill out the unexpired term of the member whose place the appointee fills.

(5) All members of the board are subject to removal for cause by the governor.

(6) The board is allocated to the department of agriculture for administrative purposes only as provided in 2-15-121. The department may charge the board for services provided by the department pursuant to 2-15-121. The costs charged by the department must be commensurate with the cost of the services provided.

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