Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 8. Capitol Complex Master Plan Act

Council Duties And Responsibilities

2-17-804. Council duties and responsibilities. (1) The council shall:

(a) adopt an art and memorial plan for the placement of art and memorials in the capitol complex and on the capitol complex grounds;

(b) review proposals for long-term displays of up to 50 years, subject to renewal, in the capitol complex and on the capitol complex grounds and for the naming of state buildings, spaces, and rooms in the capitol complex;

(c) advise the legislature on the placement of busts, plaques, statues, memorials, monuments, or art displays of a long-term nature in public areas of the capitol complex and on the capitol complex grounds, including the executive residence and the original governor's mansion; and

(d) advise the department of administration on interior decoration of the capitol, grounds maintenance, and grounds displays.

(2) In advising the legislature on long-term displays, the council shall consider whether the bust, plaque, statue, memorial, monument, or art display:

(a) reasonably fits the long-range master plan for the capitol and adjacent grounds developed under 2-17-805;

(b) adversely alters the appearance of the capitol complex;

(c) unreasonably affects foot traffic on the capitol complex;

(d) adversely impacts existing maintenance programs or the utility infrastructure;

(e) recognizes a person or event of statewide significance and relevance;

(f) has artistic merit in design and construction;

(g) will be safely and aesthetically suited to the installation site; and

(h) has adequate funding for design, installation, and maintenance.

(3) The council shall report to the state administration and veterans' affairs interim committee in accordance with 5-11-210 on requests that the council has reviewed for naming buildings, spaces, and rooms and for placing items in the capitol complex or on the capitol complex grounds. The report must include a recommendation to the committee on whether reviewed requests meet the criteria established by this part and whether legislation is needed. If a request meets the criteria, the council shall recommend a timeframe during which the project should be authorized.

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