Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 8. Capitol Complex Master Plan Act

Function Of Department Of Administration -- Capitol Area Master Plan -- Advice Of Capitol Complex Advisory Council And Legislative Council

2-17-805. Function of department of administration -- capitol area master plan -- advice of capitol complex advisory council and legislative council. (1) With advice from the council, the department of administration shall establish and maintain a long-range master plan for the orderly development of the capitol complex. The long-range master plan must be developed and maintained, with consideration given to the following factors:

(a) the needs of the state relative to the location and design of buildings to be constructed, purchase of land, parking facilities, traffic management, and landscaping;

(b) the ordinances, plans, requirements, and proposed improvements of the city of Helena and Lewis and Clark County, based, without limitation, upon zoning regulations, population trends, and plans for rapid transit development; and

(c) any other factors that bear upon the orderly, integrated, and cooperative development of the state, the city of Helena, Lewis and Clark County, and state property in the capitol complex.

(2) The legislative council shall consult with and advise the department of administration concerning the assignment of space in the capitol.

(3) The Montana historical society shall protect and preserve all publicly held, permanent artwork in the capitol complex and request funding for periodic inspection, maintenance, and repair of the artwork from the trust fund established in 15-35-108 for protection of works of art in the state capitol and other cultural and aesthetic projects.

(4) The legislative council shall serve as a long-range building committee to recommend to the legislature and the department of administration construction and remodeling priorities for the capitol.

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