Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. City Judges

Justice Of The Peace Or Judge Of Another City As City Judge

3-11-205. Justice of the peace or judge of another city as city judge. (1) In a town or third-class city, the council may designate a justice of the peace or the city judge of another city or town to act as city judge. The justice of the peace or city judge must reside in the county in which the town or city is situated. The city or town may by ordinance fix the funding for the judge and enter into an agreement with the county, the other city or town, or the justice of the peace or the judge for payment of salaries and training expenses. The justice of the peace or other city judge shall, after agreeing to the designation and after approval by the board of county commissioners or governing body of the city or town, act in that capacity and is the city judge in all cases arising out of violations of statutes or ordinances. If the justice of the peace or city judge of another city or town is required to travel from the justice's or judge's place of residence to hold court, the justice or judge must be paid the actual and necessary travel expenses, as provided in 2-18-501 through 2-18-503, by the town or city in which the court is held.

(2) The offices of city judge and justice of the peace may be combined if a justice of the peace is authorized in a city pursuant to 3-10-101.

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