Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 26. County Warrants

Interest On Unpaid Warrants

7-6-2604. Interest on unpaid warrants. (1) When any high school warrant or any school district warrant is presented to the treasurer for payment and the warrant is not paid for lack of funds, the treasurer shall endorse on the warrant "Not paid for lack of funds", include the date of presentation, and sign the warrant. When the treasurer pays a warrant on which any interest is due, the treasurer shall note on the warrant the amount of interest paid and enter on the treasurer's account the amount of interest, distinct from the principal.

(2) After the date of presentation and endorsement by the treasurer, the warrant must bear interest at a rate fixed by the board of trustees in accordance with law.

(3) All county warrants, after having been presented to the county treasurer for payment and endorsed "Not paid for lack of funds in the treasury", after the date of presentation and endorsement, must draw interest at the rate fixed by the board of county commissioners in accordance with law.

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