Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 26. County Warrants

Call For Payment Of Warrants Drawing Interest

7-6-2605. Call for payment of warrants drawing interest. (1) When there is sufficient money to pay the warrants drawing interest, the treasurer shall give notice as provided in 7-1-2121 that the warrants are able to be paid.

(2) In advertising warrants under the provisions of this section in any newspaper, the treasurer may not publish the warrants in detail but shall give notice only that county warrants presented for payment prior to a date stated in the notice are payable. When only a part of the warrants presented for payment on the same day are payable, the treasurer shall designate the payable warrants in the advertisement.

(3) The warrants cease to draw interest from the first publication or posting of the notice.

(4) (a) If the warrants are not re-presented for payment within 60 days from the time the notice is given, the fund set aside for the payment of the warrants must be applied by the treasurer to the payment of unpaid warrants in order of registry.

(b) The board of county commissioners may, on application and presentation of warrants, properly endorsed, which have been advertised, pass an order directing the treasurer to pay the warrants out of any money in the treasury that is not otherwise appropriated.

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