Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 42. Urban Renewal

Provision For Use Of Portion Of Tax Increment

7-15-4287. Provision for use of portion of tax increment. (1) At the time of adoption of a tax increment provision or at any time subsequent thereto, the governing body of the local government may provide that a portion of the tax increment from the incremental taxable value be released from segregation by an adjustment of the base taxable value, provided that:

(a) all principal and interest then due on bonds for which the tax increment has been pledged have been fully paid; and

(b) the tax increment resulting from the smaller incremental value is determined by the governing body to be sufficient to pay all principal and interest due later on the bonds.

(2) The adjusted base value determined under subsection (1) must be reported by the clerk to the officers and taxing bodies to which the increment provision is reported.

(3) Thereafter, the adjusted base value is used in determining the mill rates of affected taxing bodies unless the tax increment resulting from the adjustment is determined to be insufficient for this purpose. In this case, the governing body shall reduce the base value to the amount originally determined or to a higher amount necessary to provide tax increments sufficient to pay all principal and interest due on the bonds.

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