Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 42. Urban Renewal

Costs That May Be Paid By Tax Increment Financing

7-15-4288. Costs that may be paid by tax increment financing. The tax increments may be used by the local government to pay the following costs of or incurred in connection with an urban renewal area or targeted economic development district as identified in the urban renewal plan or targeted economic development district comprehensive development plan:

(1) land acquisition;

(2) demolition and removal of structures;

(3) relocation of occupants;

(4) the acquisition, construction, and improvement of public improvements or infrastructure, publicly owned buildings, and any public improvements authorized by Title 7, chapter 12, parts 41 through 45; Title 7, chapter 13, parts 42 and 43; and Title 7, chapter 14, part 47, and items of personal property to be used in connection with improvements for which the foregoing costs may be incurred;

(5) costs incurred in connection with the redevelopment activities allowed under 7-15-4233;

(6) acquisition of infrastructure-deficient areas or portions of areas;

(7) administrative costs associated with the management of the urban renewal area or targeted economic development district;

(8) assemblage of land for development or redevelopment by private enterprise or public agencies, including sale, initial leasing, or retention by the local government itself at its fair value;

(9) the compilation and analysis of pertinent information required to adequately determine the needs of the urban renewal area or targeted economic development district;

(10) the connection of the urban renewal area or targeted economic development district to existing infrastructure outside the area or district;

(11) the provision of direct assistance to secondary value-adding industries to assist in meeting their infrastructure and land needs within the area or district; and

(12) the acquisition, construction, or improvement of facilities or equipment for reducing, preventing, abating, or eliminating pollution.

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