Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 21. County Weed Control

Weed Management Program

7-22-2121. Weed management program. (1) The noxious weed management program must be based on a plan approved by the board and the commissioners.

(2) The noxious weed management plan must:

(a) specify the goals and priorities of the program;

(b) review the distribution and abundance of each noxious weed species known to occur within the district and specify the locations of new infestations and areas particularly susceptible to new infestations;

(c) specify herbicide management goals and procedures, including but not limited to water quality protection, public and worker safety, equipment selection and maintenance, and herbicide selection, application, mixing, loading, storage, and disposal; and

(d) estimate the personnel, operations, and equipment costs of the proposed program;

(e) develop a compliance plan or strategy; and

(f) incorporate cooperative agreements established pursuant to 7-22-2151.

(3) The board shall provide for the management of noxious weeds on all land or rights-of-way owned or controlled by a county or municipality within the district. It shall take particular precautions while managing the noxious weeds to preserve beneficial vegetation and wildlife habitat. When possible, management must include cultural, herbicidal, and biological methods.

(4) The board may establish special management zones within the district. The management criteria in those zones may be more or less stringent than the general management criteria for the district.

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